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  • 1. Due to COVID19 hygiene reasons, applicant will be managed as order of arrival. Please help us in managing it better by maintaining social distancing and hassle fee processing.
  • 2. This online booking of appointment is FREE OF CHARGE. Applicants are advised to avoid being misguided by touts/third parties on any charges involved for booking this appointment.
  • 3. Photograph services are available at all centers. Applicants to wear dark clothes for Photographs as per the mission requirement.
  • 4. For children below 18 years, both parents along with applicant to be present with all three passports in original.
  • 5. Only applicants are allowed inside center premises. Parents are allowed to accompany their minor children.
  • 6. . Payment for services rendered is accepted in Yuan as cash and Alipay only. Please ensure all receipts are in order, and keep the same until passport/visa is delivered.
  • 7. Only one slot can be booked per passport.