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    Dear applicants,

    If you are applying for business visa or employment visa, please click the link below for downloading the proforma and it should be included in your application. Also, if you are working in the SOE (State-owned Enterprises), please submit a letter of request from any of the FAOs or SASAC or MFA (or any other duly authorized Chinese organisation). Thanks for your cooperation.

    Business Visa Information Proforma

  • Dear applicant, please be informed that India visa application Center in Beijing is temporarily closed due to pandemic situation and restrictions.
  • Important Notice: Prohibition on Unauthorized Use of Satellite Phones

  • This is to inform all visitors to India including foreign nationals that bringing in or using satellite phones (e.g. Thuraya, Iridium etc.) in India without prior permission / license from the relevant Indian authorities is prohibited under Indian law.
  • Any passenger carrying satellite phone/ phones via baggage is required to declare the same to Customs on arrival and produce permission for use from the concerned authority.
  • Any individual found to be in possession of an unauthorized satellite phone in India is liable to be prosecuted as per Indian law, and all unauthorized sets found in possession of the individual will be seized by Indian law enforcement agencies.
  • Visitors and tourists coming to India are advised to comply with Indian laws and not bring in or use satellite phones in India without obtaining specific permission / license in advance from the concerned authorities.
  • In compliance with the preventive measures and guidelines issued by local Authorities, the Indian Visa Application Centre (IVAC), operating out of its premises at Room No. 1122, 11th Floor, No.3 Maizidian West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing will resume its normal operation with effect from 06 June, 2022. The prospective visa seekers are advised to visit the IVAC for the purpose of capture of biometric data.
  • It may be noted that the following visa applicants are exempted from capturing of the biometric data:
  • a. All diplomatic passport holders;
  • b. Applicants who are eligible for diplomatic and official visa;
  • c. All visa applicants, regardless of the type of passport, who are more than 70 years old or less than 12 years old;
  • Dear applicant(s): In light of the local government’s advisory regarding the prevention and control of spread of COVID-19, the building management of visa application centre is in strict compliance and visitors will be requested to provide green code and nucleic acid test report as per latest guidelines set by local government. BLS will not take any responsibility if building management restrict visa applicant(s) from entering the premises basis on COVID-19 preventive measures set by local government.
  • Starting from April 28, all the building personnel can enter the building on the basis of scanning the QR code and holding the nucleic acid test negative certificate within 48 hours.
  • Dear Applicant,
    Indian visa application center in Beijing will have holidays on 14 and 15 April, 2022 and will reopen on 18th of April.
  • Dear applicant,
    Due to current pandemic situation, Indian visa application centre in Shanghai is temporarily closed. Applicants are requested to contact us for any assistance and before visiting the centre
  • Applicants are requested not to attend any unauthorized agency or agent outside the Indian visa application centre in regards to any services they may sell to you. BLS is not responsible for any outcome of such decisions made by applicant. We also request you to insist for receipt for the services availed at Indian visa application centre in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou

    The sample receipt is as follows:

  • Mandatory revised undertaking for all visa applications click here to download and print.
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India Visa Application Center (IVAC) is an trusted partner to the Embassy of India, Beijing for managing the administrative function of visa application process.

Applicants are solely responsible for the application they submit. Any false information or mis-representation of facts and incomplete / invalid supporting documents will have a direct bearing on the decision with regards to issuance of visa by the Embassy of India. Applicants are required to submit their visa application as per their Jurisdiction.

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