Medical Attendant Visa


The medical visa is required for all foreigners seeking Medicare in recognized specialty hospitals or treatment centres in India. Although non exhaustive, following illustrative list of serious ailments would be of primary consideration: neuro-surgery; ophthalmic disorders; heart related problems; renal disorders; organ transplantations; plastic surgery; joint replacement etc. 

The applicant should seek preliminary medical advice from China and should have been advised to go for specialized medical treatment. Foreigners visiting on 'M visa' will be required to get themselves registered mandatorily well within the period of 14 days of arrival with the concerned FRROs/ FROs. Attendant/family members of the patient coming to India for medical treatment shall be granted miscellaneous visa co-terminus with the 'M Visa' of the patient. 
* All applications needs to be filled up with black ink.
* Applicants can apply visa to India at the India Visa Application Center in China according to the below mentioned Consular jurisdiction.

Jurisdiction of Embassy of India, Beijing

Provinces Municipalities Autonomous Regions
  1. Anhui
  2. Gansu
  3. Guizhou
  4. Hebei
  5. Heilongjiang
  6. Henan
  7. Hubei
  8. Jiangxi
  9. Jilin
  10. Liaoning
  11. Qinghai
  12. Shaanxi
  13. Shandong
  14. Shanxi
  1. Beijing
  2. Tianjin
  3. Chongqing
  1. Inner Mongolia
  2. Ningxia
  3. Tibet
  4. Xinjiang

Required Documents

  1. Online Visa Application Form duly filled and signed by the applicant. (Signature on Passport and Application form should be the same.)
  2. Two recent colour passport size (about 51 mm x 51mm) photograph, showing full frontal view of face against a white background to be pasted on the application form. Pakistani applicant shall submit 4 photographs per application. Click here for more details. (Scanned Photo will not be accepted).
  3. Current Valid original passport with minimum of 190 days validity with two blank visa pages (e.g. If the submission date is 1 Jan. 2012, the passport expiry date should be 1 Jul. 2012 or thereafter).
  4. One Copy  of the passport (personal data page, signature page, extension of validity and endorsement if applicable) and one copy of residence permit or work permit in case of foreign nationals (Signature on the Passport should be in ink and not with pencil.)
  5. Previous passport ( if any).
  6. Copy of the Chinese ID card (both sides) (Not required for non-Chinese nationals).
  7. Proof of relationship with the patient (Marriage Certificate, Birth certificate, Family Register, etc.)
  8. Recommendation of the doctor for the attendant to accompany the patient
  9. Photocopy of the Medical Visa of the patient.
  10. Additional form to be filled by all foreign nationals
  11. Other documents as specified in Checklist for Medical Attendant Visa applications



All Payments are accepted in cash and Alipay only. Payment through bank cards will not be acceptable at the India Visa Application Center.

To know your visa fee, please refer to visa fee calculator on the menu page.