Visa Requirements

For the convenience of visitors to India, Government of India operates three Visa Processing hubs in P. R. China. Visitors planning to apply for an Indian Visa in Beijing are requested to visit India Visa Application Center, Beijing at the address given below. For information on areas covered under each jurisdiction, please see Jurisdiction page.

India Visa Application Centre in Beijing
Indian visa application center
5th Floor, Block A, Gateway Plaza,
No. 18 East Third Ring North Road,
Chaoyang District, Beijing
Contact details: 13335978935
Email :

Beijing Embassy of India Address:
No.5, Liang Ma Qiao Bei Jie, Chaoyang
District, Beijing 100600
Fax:+86-10-8531 2515

Visitors planning to visit India are requested to go through the general guidelines for applying for an India visa from P. R. China. All visitors are requested to prepare their application accordingly.

To get detailed requirements for a particular visa type, please   the desired visa type.


Important information to be seen before submitting application to India Visa Application Center.

  1. All foreign nationals need visa to enter India except for some national who can avail visa on arrival.
  2. Visas can be issued only on passports and NOT on Travel Documents except in the case of Tibetans
  3. Applicant needs to complete all columns in the application form and India Visa Application Center shall not be held responsible for any delay on this account under any circumstances, including any unforseeable loss. Incomplete application form shall not be accepted or processed.
  4. The passport should be valid for a minimum period of 190 days and must have minimum 2 blank pages in which one page is required for affixing the visa sticker and another page will be used by Immigration officer at the airport for entry and exit from India.
  5. Visa fee and Service charge, including charges for any additional Value Added Services availed by the Applicant is not refundable in case of refusal of Visa Application or in case Application is voluntarily withdrawn.
  6. The acceptance of Visa fee does not necessarily mean grant of Visa. Visa officer at the Embassy of India, Beijing or Consulate Gerneral of India, Guangzhou and Shanghai reserves the right to ask for additional documents and / or to invite any applicant for an interview in person. The EOI/CGI reserves the right to delay or refuse visa without giving any reason.
  7. After the grant of visa, your admissibility to India would be assessed again by the Immigration officer at the port of entry and officer is entitled to refuse entry in India to person/s found undesirable. The visa can be revoked at any time without assigning any reason, and a foreigner who is already in India can be asked to leave the country by the Government of India.
  8. The Visas are processed on receipt of the application irrespective of date of Travel so applicant/s are advised to apply nearer the time of their planned travel so as to complete their trip within the validity of the Visa issued. The time line on Indian visa starts from the date it is issued. If visa is issued on 1st January for six months, then visa would expire on 30 June. All visas are valid from the date of issue. Visas are processed on receipt of the application and Visas are issued irrespective of the date of travel. Kindly check carefully that the intended stay is not beyond the expiry date on the Visa issued.
  9. No vaccination is necessary for those travelling to India from China. However, persons coming from or passing through Yellow Fever infected areas are required to be in possession of a valid certificate of vaccination against Yellow Fever before arriving in India. AIDS test is required for persons aged 18 years to 70 years who stay in India for one year or more.
  10. Visas are issued and affixed on passports and, therefore, passports must be sent / Submitted with the application.
  11. Applicant needs to provided two references each in India and in China at the relevant section in the Visa Appliation Form. This will enable authorities to contact the applicant in case of any emergency.
  12. Please provide your valid email address in the Visa Application Form enabling us to contact you as and when required.